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Prof.Dr. Thomas Proebstle

Dermatologist and expert for venous diseases Dr. Thomas Michael Proebstle has specialized in efficient, minimally invasive procedures with excellent aesthetic results. For many years, Prof.Dr. Proebstle has been a renowned speaker and member of the faculty for national and international conferences as well as the author of numerous publications in globally leading journals. Currently, he is a Professor for Dermatology at University of Pécs, Hungary, and teaches also as a member of the Medical Faculty at Mainz University, Germany.

Beauty is one of the top subjects of our times, with aesthetic surgery booming all over the globe. Quite frequently, this is associated with risky procedures, pain, and lengthy courses of wound healing.

Prof.Dr. Thomas Michael Proebstle, however, has chosen a different approach. With the knife being only his second choice, the dermatologist and phlebologist dedicates himself to smoother and gentler procedures. He is specialized in minimally invasive, laser-aided procedures or other high-tech treatments which involve fewer risk, keep pain at a low level and can be administered under local anesthetic.

Patients can usually go back to work and resume their normal activities shortly after the treatment. Very often, even the well-trained observer is not able to tell a patient has undergone a treatment as the results look stunningly natural, which is one of Dr. Proebstle's key success factors. The medical scientist and physicist received his MD "summa cum laude" from the Medical Faculty of Ulm University Ulm and later received the "Venia Legendi" at Mainz University. Since quitting his Full Professorship at Heidelberg University, he has been focusing on state-of-the-art private medical treatments. With highest demands on the results of his work and his exclusive private clinic in the heart of Mannheim City, Prof.Dr. Proebstle works on setting new standard in the area of Aesthetics and Vein Treatments.

Prof.Dr. Proebstle and his highly qualified team provide modern diagnostics, professional treatments, therapy and individual care tailored to your needs. Enhancing the possibilities of vein treatments into new dimensions, Prof.Dr. Proebstle introduced endovenous laser therapy to the German speaking countries in 2001. In 2006, he continued with a worldwide innovation: the so-called "ClosureFast" radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins, which became today's most successful single procedure in the USA.

In Germany, the predominant procedure is still the so-called "stripping" operation. Frequently under general anesthetics, this surgery involves making at least one bigger incision in the groin area, followed by insertion of a special wire into the saphenous vein. The wire is then tied to the vein and subsequently pulled out together with it from the body in a relatively brutal action.

Dr. Proebstle prefers a different approach, inserting a laser or tiny catheter into the vein. The tip heats the vein, finally closing it. With this incredibly gentle procedure, Dr. Proebstle guarantees successful treatment in 100% of the casesnext days, with clinically relevant recurrence rates below 2-3% per year. As the latest results show, ClosureFast is the procedure with the fewest side effects. The treatments are usually covered by all private health care insurances.

Additional treatment focus: Aesthetic corrections

Beauty for all - all uniformly beautiful? Prof.Dr. Proebstle consciously distances himself from any collective and undifferentiated approach towards aesthetics. For him, there is no universal ideal of beauty. Beauty should not and must not be artificially created, but is coined by various individual parameters like personality, ethnic origin, and also highly unique needs imposed by one's professional or social environment. Dr. Proebstle's philosophy is to meet these requirements while keeping in mind the patient's natural attractiveness and personal charisma. The desire to delay the visible signs of ageing and to correct those has been known in all times. The difference today is that quite frequently modern aesthetic medicine can make this wish come true.

Our mainly laser-aided key aesthetic treatments are:

  • Reduction of expression lines
  • Skin and connective tissue tightening (only in exceptions with the knife)
  • Volume correction with fat removal or injection of autologous fat and synthetic fillers
  • Significant rejuvenation of skin surface giving you a smooth skin with fine pores and without any visible veins or irregular pigmentation

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